The 1st of BAT Students go nuts for short films

They have worked quite hard to write the scripts. Once they have memorised their roles they have had to record them. Some of them haverecorded the short films indoors, others outdoors and they have even included funny bloopers.Their classmates as well as the teacher have watched them and assessed them taking into account aspects such as: pronunciation, intonation, use of English and originality. The ones with the higher grades have been selected to be published in our website. We would like to congratulate all the 1st of Batxillerat students for their hard work, enthusiasm and creativity.

1 BAT A – “It’s Hard to Be a Celebrity” (Judit Palacio, Anna Pàmies and Maria Rodríguez)

1 BAT A – “A Day in the Medieval  Age (Gerard Pons, Anna Queraltó, Albert Rull and Àlex Sanromà)

1 BAT B – “An Amazing Day” (Natàlia Martínez, Isaura Montull and Elena Valera)

1BAT B – (Júlia Coldwell, Ariadna Gago, Alba Foguet and Laura Freixas)

1 BAT B – “An Amazing Day” (Cristina Vives)