Semaine des Langues Étrangeres

Sense títolLe prochain décembre aura lieu, dans notre lycée, la deuxième édition de «La Semaine des Langues Étrangères».

Bonfire Night, 5th of November

bonfireDuring the first week of November, Lydia has been telling our students about the popular English celebration 'Bonfire Night'. 


Lydia and Halloween

HALLOWEEN2This year our school has a Language Assistant. Her name is Lydia and she is here as part of GEP experience (Multilingual Experimental Group). During this week she has participated in the Halloween activities.

Inici de curs GEP

INICI GEP2015Amb l’inici del curs, s’ha tornat també a engegar el projecte per al multilingüisme que es va començar el curs passat a l’Institut, coordinat pel Grup d’Experimentació per al Plurilingüisme (GEP).

Exchange GEP experiences

GEP EXPERIENCESOn Thursday 25 June, some teachers members of GEP (Multilingual Experimental Group) were at a conference to exchange  experiences at the Institut Pere Martell, in Tarragona.

Small talk in 2nd of ESO

small talkDuring this 3rd term the 2nd of ESO students have prepared what is known as Small Talk which is an informal type of discourse based on everyday matters.

II short films awards

concursSant Jordi2015This year, the Department of Spanish Language and Literature announces the second edition of the award of short films. This activity is included in the multilingual project of the Institute.

1st of ESO students in full swing

"The learning of a language is based on the usage of it".

The Foreign Language Department reinforces this principle by representing different day to day life scenarios with the students.

Telling stories with pictures

 THE FALL OF TROYSC301410We can learn mythology from narrative scenes painted on kraters (ancient Greek cups used for mixing wine with water).




Concurs d’anglès Fonix

The fonix concurs 1140x641El dissabte 28 de febrer va tenir lloc a la Universitat de Tarragona la fase provincial del concurs d'anglès FONIX.

Setmana de llengües estrangeres

cartell jornades2Del 9 al 12 de desembre, es va celebrar a l’Institut la 1a Setmana de les llengües estrangeres.

In English, please!

english-grecThe Seminar of Classical Languages and Culture, a section in the Humanities and Social Sciences Department, is promoting the consolidation of the English language through two or three Greek myths and some episodes of Roman history.